Reseach Areas

  1. Optimization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in IoT. Songze Li 
  2. Networking, communications, and signal processing. Songze Li, Gareth Tyson 
  3. Security and privacy-enhancing technologies. Songze Li, Gareth Tyson 
  4. Sensing and embedded systems 
  5. Distributed computing and caching. Songze Li, Gareth Tyson 
  6. Ubiquitous computing 

Reseach Projects

Gareth Tyson

“Many people worry about the over-centralization of modern online services. For instance, most users in the world rely on a tiny number of search engines, messaging platforms and social networks. This trend has created single points of failure, and exposes users to privacy risks. To overcome this, the IoT Thrust has been developing decentralized technologies that can offer similar services in a cheaper, fairer and more privacy-aware manner.”